Griddle Spicy Shrimp

Griddle Spicy Shrimp

by Sunshine is just 0510

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My wife and my daughter-in-law are ordinary office workers, and they worry about what to eat after get off work at night. A few days ago, I packed my house and found that there was a bag of Dezhuang spicy crab seasoning at home, so I decided to use this bag of seasoning to make a spicy shrimp. Simple, good food, the key is cheapness, I forgot to take pictures of every step of the process, friends will just watch it


Griddle Spicy Shrimp

1. Rinse the red shrimp from the refrigerator with water, remove the head, remove the shrimp thread, and marinate with cooking wine for a while

Griddle Spicy Shrimp recipe

2. While marinating the shrimps, peel and wash the lettuce and lotus root, rinse the celery, slice the lettuce and lotus root, cut the celery into sections for later use, cut the ginger and onion into shreds, cut the garlic into cubes, and cut the green onion into sections.

Griddle Spicy Shrimp recipe

3. Pour edible oil into the pot and heat up, then pour the shrimp, lotus root slices, and lettuce into the pot in turn. Fry on medium heat until the shrimp changes color, and the lotus root and lettuce appear to be charred. Take out a separate pot of water and bring it to a boil. Orchid, boil the water again to remove the broccoli and control the dried water for later use

Griddle Spicy Shrimp recipe

4. Leave a little oil in the pan to heat up, add the onion, ginger, garlic and onion to sauté on high heat, pour in the spicy crab seasoning and fry out the red oil, add the fried shrimp, lettuce, and lotus root slices in turn, stir and fry evenly, then add the braised For broccoli with good water, add celery and stir-fry evenly!

Griddle Spicy Shrimp recipe


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