Crispy Shrimp

Crispy Shrimp

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The method of crispy shrimps is shared with everyone. The ingredients are very simple, including shrimps, eggs, and corn starch. The method is also very simple, but you must master a few tips to make crispy and delicious shrimp


Crispy Shrimp

1. Prepare the shrimps to thaw at room temperature in advance, eggs, cornstarch,

Crispy Shrimp recipe

2. Defrosted shrimps, wash, drain the water, add salt, pepper, ginger powder, oil, and mix with a few drops of lemon juice at home. Among them, ginger powder and lemon juice can remove fishy, and lemon juice can also increase the taste and fragrance.

Crispy Shrimp recipe

3. Beat in the eggs to give the shrimp a massage. The massage is not only delicious, the meat is firmer and juicy;

Crispy Shrimp recipe

4. Put the prawns in a bowl of cornstarch, and coat them with cornstarch evenly;

Crispy Shrimp recipe

5. The shrimps coated with cornstarch are poured into the pot; a little oil is enough in the pot. After all, the oil of the fried shrimps is not delicious.

Crispy Shrimp recipe

6. Quickly flip the shrimps until golden brown, and just remove them. It is not easy for too long, and the meat will get old.

Crispy Shrimp recipe


1. Shrimp massage not only tastes good, but also makes the shrimp flesh firm and juicy; 2. Adding lemon juice to remove the fishy taste can also increase the taste;


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