Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin

Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin

by Corduroy

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Partial mouth fish is very common on our side.
During New Year's and holidays, everyone will go to friends or relatives or work units to give out some benefits. Normally, fish will choose three kinds of Spanish mackerel, hairtail and partial mouth fish.
Therefore, in the refrigerator of the local people, these three kinds of fish are somewhat in stock.
Partial mouth fish, small, best fried;
Larger ones can be steamed, fried, stewed, or braised.
The partial fish in my family is usually stewed at home.
Often eat one kind of taste, I will inevitably get bored.
So thinking of ways to change the taste.
This is grilled with oil after drying and only seasoned with chili powder and cumin powder. It has a similar taste to the barbecue on the street, but lacks the flavor of charcoal grilling.
Outside the barbecue shop, whether it’s seafood, meat or other, the seasonings are nothing more than oil, salt, chili powder and cumin powder, or add a flavor of sauce. It’s very simple seasoning, but what is passed to the taste buds of the eater is indeed The taste of pure and loving barbecue that is coveted and obsessed.
Fish, shrimp, plum meat, mushrooms and many vegetables are actually suitable for this minimalist barbecue taste, as long as the ingredients are fresh enough.


Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin

1. Remove the scales, gills, and internal organs of the partial mouth fish, clean it, drain the water, and slash it with a knife on both sides;
With a flower knife, the fish is easier to taste. The flower knife should be lightly beaten, not deep, otherwise it will be easily deformed or broken during the later cooking process

2. Spread well with salt and marinate for half an hour

Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin recipe

3. Put it on a ventilated container and dry it in a ventilated place for half a day to a day;
The drying time is adjusted according to the temperature and the specific conditions, and the fish skin is dried until the surface of the fish is dry and can be reduced slightly. It is not necessary to dry it until it is too dry or hard. That kind of dried fish is not suitable for baking.

4. Let it dry until the epidermis is dry;
Partial fish is salted and air-dried, then grilled, fried or steamed, with a unique flavor

Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin recipe

5. Put the dried fish on the baking tray, and brush the surface with a thin layer of oil;
In order to facilitate cleaning, spread tin foil on the bottom of the baking tray; brush a thin layer of oil on the tin foil, which will not stick

6. Put it in the preheated oven, middle level, and bake at 230 degrees for 5 minutes;
Partial mouth fish has a thin body and is easy to bake through, so you don’t need to bake it for a long time to prevent the texture from being dry and hard.

Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin recipe

7. Take out, brush with oil, sprinkle with chili powder and cumin powder;
Brushing oil will make the grilled fish more fragrant. Cumin coarse powder has a stronger flavor than fine powder, and freshly ground cumin powder is better. Sprinkle chili powder and cumin powder during roasting, it tastes better

8. Continue into the oven and bake for another three minutes

Grilled Partial Fish with Chili and Cumin recipe


1. Use medium-sized partial fish, too large and too small are not suitable for grilling;
2. The specific roasting time depends on the size and thickness of the fish and the power of the own oven.


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