Chili Powder recipes

Spicy Tofu

Tofu, Lean Minced Meat, Salt

Grilled Sea Bass with Seasonal Vegetables

Sea Bass, Carrot, Green Onions

Seasonal Vegetable Beef Skewers

Beef Brisket, Cumin Powder, Salt And Pepper

Teppan Seasonal Vegetables

Enoki Mushroom, Chili Powder, Cumin Powder

Sour Soup Wonton

Minced Pork, Wonton Wrapper, Egg

Grilled Chicken Skewers with Seasonal Vegetables and Cumin

Chicken Breast, Black And White Sesame, Cumin

Spanish Seafood Paella

Tomato, Bell Pepper, Squid

Vegetarian Fried String Beans

Green Beans, Salt, Chili Powder

Spicy Mix

Lotus Root, Potato, Side Dish

Spicy Roasted Lotus Root Slices

Lotus Root, Onion, Ginger

Cumin Kebab

Chicken Breast, Green Red Pepper, Onion

Hot and Sour Pork Dumplings

Glutinous Rice Flour, Minced Meat, Boiling Water

Crispy Spicy Carrot Sticks

Chili Powder, Salt, Soy Sauce

Stir-fried String Beans

Green Beans, Cooking Oil, Refined Salt