Hand Cake

Hand Cake

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Today I will share with you a simple, fast, nutritious and delicious breakfast-family deluxe version of hand cakes, with eggs, meat, vegetables, and cakes, with a glass of milk, it can be done in 10 minutes, what are you waiting for, start right away Right!


Hand Cake

1. Prepare all the ingredients: quick-frozen finger cakes, eggs, ham and lettuce, it looks very nutritious!

Hand Cake recipe

2. Wash the lettuce and slice the ham for later use.

Hand Cake recipe

3. Heat up a flat-bottomed non-stick pan without putting any oil on it. Place the pancakes directly on the pan and bake them over a low fire.

Hand Cake recipe

4. Bake it until golden on both sides and serve it out for later use.

Hand Cake recipe

5. Knock the egg into the pot, lay the egg yolk with a spatula, and spread it out.
Because a lot of oil will be produced from the baked hand cake, so there is no need to put oil on the fried eggs.

Hand Cake recipe

6. Before the egg is solidified, cover the hand cake on the egg and press it with a spatula to make the egg and the cake stick together. When the egg is cooked, turn it over and heat it for a few seconds to get out of the pan.

Hand Cake recipe

7. Place the lettuce and ham slices on the egg side up.

Hand Cake recipe

8. Squeeze in tomato sauce, or any sauce you like.

Hand Cake recipe

9. Roll it up and enjoy it.

Hand Cake recipe


1. The pancake does not need to be thawed, and the pancake must be used on a low fire, because the pancake is very thin, and the fire is easy to paste;
2. Cover the pie before the egg solidifies, otherwise it won't stick.


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