Hand Cake

Hand Cake

by Tuo Tuo Ma

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In the middle of the night, I was greedy by a line from a TV series, so I got up and made hand-made biscuits~ But to be honest, the hand-made biscuits made in this way taste really good! Recommend to foodies like me! If you are hungry while watching a TV show in the middle of the night, you might as well do it yourself to relieve your gluttony!


Hand Cake

1. Cut the onion into shreds, wash the lettuce, and cut the bacon into two slices. Prepare a commercially available hand-held pie, scallion oil or salt and pepper.

Hand Cake recipe

2. Pour the teriyaki sauce and teriyaki sauce into a small bowl, heat the pan, pour in a small amount of oil, fry the bacon until charred and crisp, and the eggs are charred until half cooked

Hand Cake recipe

3. Put the eggs and bacon up and change the heat to a low heat. Start with the cake dough. When it becomes soft, press it with the back of the spatula to extend it, and fry until the focus appears on both sides.

Hand Cake recipe

4. Pour a small amount of oil into the pot, add the shredded onion and stir it softly, pour in the teriyaki sauce

Hand Cake recipe

5. Sprinkle an appropriate amount of crushed black pepper, and tear open the fried hand cake

Hand Cake recipe

6. Brush the surface with teriyaki sauce, and put the fried onions, eggs, and bacon on the crust

Hand Cake recipe

7. Top with lettuce leaves, roll up and eat

Hand Cake recipe
Hand Cake recipe


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