Hand Cake

Hand Cake

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Delicious breakfast


Hand Cake

1. Luncheon meat slices, lettuce, eggs are ready, you can ignore the fruit on the side, I use it to make oatmeal fruit porridge

Hand Cake recipe

2. Add oil to the pan, add the hand cake and luncheon meat, and fry until golden on both sides.

Hand Cake recipe

3. Fry the eggs at the side of the pan, spread the pancakes on the eggs, fry them, and take them out of the pan

Hand Cake recipe

4. Put the pie at the bottom, put lettuce on top, put luncheon meat on top, add sauce according to personal taste, and spread evenly.

Hand Cake recipe

5. Fold in half, ok

Hand Cake recipe


For breakfast, it’s fast, easy, and nutritious. Let’s try it.


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