Hand Cake

Hand Cake

by Zai Zai Xiao Wo

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Lettuce is better.


Hand Cake

1. Prepare the flour and mix it with warm water, then make a dough, then use a rolling pin to make thin slices, grease it, sprinkle with chopped green onion and salt, and set aside.

Hand Cake recipe

2. Roll up the dough sheet along one side, then roll it into Figure 2, then flatten it, and finally roll it into a circle with a rolling pin. As shown in Figure 4.

Hand Cake recipe

3. When the oil is boiled, add the rolled noodles and fry until golden. Then put in the oil, put in the egg, buckle the other side of the pie, wait for the egg to fry, turn it over.

Hand Cake recipe

4. Pour in the oil, put the ham in the pan, and fry until both sides are cooked through.

Hand Cake recipe

5. After the ham is fried, add the sliced cucumber, ham, and homemade strawberry jam to enjoy.

Hand Cake recipe

6. When everything is done, you can start eating.

Hand Cake recipe


The bread must be thin and easy to cook.


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