Hanging Chicken Soup

Hanging Chicken Soup

by Norwegian Red Food

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The broth must be indispensable for the New Year and the festival, even the usual broth is indispensable.
All kinds of preparations start from the broth, buy a chicken and come home, you can turn into many dishes, such as fried chicken, fried chicken mixed, chicken oil and vegetables, chicken soup...
Hanging chicken soup can not only be used for making soup, but chicken soup can be used wherever water is needed, and it can evolve many flavors.
Ingredients: 1 local chicken, 20 grams of ginger


Hanging Chicken Soup

1. If you buy a local chicken that has been processed, you must carefully clean up the outer hair and blood clots inside, and then clean it again.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe

2. Then slice the chicken breasts to keep the fried chicken; the internal organs are the heart, liver, intestines, and gizzards, which can be used to fry the chicken offal. If there is too much chicken fat, some refining oil can be removed and used to make scallion pancakes or stir-fried green vegetables .
Note: The chicken breast has been simmered and cooked like firewood for several hours, but the fried chicken is very tender; the internal organs are fried separately is a good dish; there is too much fat, the soup is too oily to drink, and too much water is not fresh.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe

3. Also cut off the toenails of the chicken because there is too much dirt.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe

4. Alright, now you can put the chicken in a deep casserole, fill it with water, put some ginger pieces that have been patted with the back of a knife, boil it on high heat, and skim the foam.
Note: a. Don't put green onions, just use some ginger, green onions may grab the flavor, because the hanging chicken soup has many uses.
b. You will find that this kind of native chicken is not bloody, so do not blanch it.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe

5. After skimming the froth, turn to medium and low heat and cook for more than ten minutes.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe

6. Then change the heat to a lower heat, keep the pot in a slightly bubbling state, and simmer for 1-2 hours until the chicken is crispy. It is a pot of delicious original soup.
Don't put salt in the hanging soup, this is a pot of delicious original soup.
If you are careful, you may find that the water has not consumed much. If a large amount of water evaporates, it means that the fire is big.

Hanging Chicken Soup recipe


1. The local chicken for hanging chicken soup is the most delicious.
2. Remove chicken breasts and chicken miscellaneously and fry them.
3. If the chicken is too fat, remove some of the chicken fat, don't throw it away, refining oil to fry vegetables, or make scallion pancakes.
4. Don't put green onions in the chicken soup, just use some ginger. The green onions may grab the flavor, and don't put salt in it, because the hanging chicken soup has many uses.


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