Home Edition Oden

Home Edition Oden

by Xu Jinghui-

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Because I personally don’t like spicy food, I made a slightly spicy soup this time. It can be said to be basically non-spicy. All kinds of skewers and beef sausage skewers made of pure beef are really good. too delicious

Home Edition Oden

1. Horqin 100% pure beef sausage cut into small pieces and skewered on bamboo skewers

Home Edition Oden recipe

2. Clean the vegetables and put them on the bamboo skewers

Home Edition Oden recipe

3. Skewered beef sausage skewers spare

Home Edition Oden recipe

4. All kinds of meatballs are skewered on bamboo skewers, you can skewer any ingredients you like

Home Edition Oden recipe

5. Put all the bottom materials in the multi-function pot,

Home Edition Oden recipe

6. Add stock

Home Edition Oden recipe

7. After the broth is boiling, add the skewered ingredients, cook until the ingredients are cooked, you can eat the ingredients according to your preference

Home Edition Oden recipe


If you can’t finish it, put it in the refrigerator


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