Home-style Fried Tofu

Home-style Fried Tofu

by Jackey cat

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A healthy and appetizing home-cooked dish, served on the table with the fragrance of green garlic. The slightly spicy taste of the mouth makes people appetite immediately. Those who like it, don’t let this simple delicacy go.


Home-style Fried Tofu

1. Rinse the water tofu with clear water first, then add an appropriate amount of water and add a little salt to marinate it

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

2. Then cut into pieces

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

3. Fry in an electric baking pan

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

4. Fry on both sides until golden brown, then serve and set aside

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

5. Cut the green garlic into small pieces

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

6. Heat the pan with cold oil, add the green garlic and stir it for a fragrance

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

7. Then put in a little water, then put in the right amount of salt, sugar, very fresh, oyster sauce, chopped peppers, etc.

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

8. Then put the fragrant tofu into the pot

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

9. Bring to a high heat, and when the tofu has absorbed the soup, add green garlic sprouts

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

10. Use a little cornstarch water to make a thin slice just before it is out of the pot

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

11. Shake the pot gently to let the gorgon juice evenly hang on the tofu

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe

12. Finished product

Home-style Fried Tofu recipe


Frying tofu in an electric baking pan is very easy to use. Firstly, use very little oil, and secondly, don’t worry about frying. In addition, green garlic is an ingredient that will become soft after cooking for a long time, so just put it in a high heat Stir-fry until the aroma of the vegetables escapes and is evenly heated, and then they can be eaten to taste the refreshing taste and flavor.


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