Homemade Hot Pot

Homemade Hot Pot

by Jin Yi (Gao Haoran) (From Tencent.)

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I have been busy all afternoon, and my child's husband helped out together. In the end, the taste is still quite good!


Homemade Hot Pot

1. Cook the chicken soup in a pot.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe

2. Heat the chicken broth in a pot and add green onions and hot pot base ingredients.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe

3. When the chicken broth in the pot is red, add beef, meatballs and potatoes.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe

4. After a while, add the soaked yuba, tofu, bean paste, and ginger.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe

5. Then add mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, and salt.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe

6. Finally, add cabbage and bok choy.

Homemade Hot Pot recipe


You can add whatever you want.


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