Homemade Tofu

Homemade Tofu

by Ning Jue Haomiao (From Tencent.)

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Tofu is a favorite ingredient of many people. The cooking method of Chinese food gives it a variety of tastes/postures. Today we will make a home-cooked taste. It will not be inferior to the dishes served during the Chinese New Year. ^_^

The tofu in the recipe is fried, the purpose is to achieve tenderness on the outside, we are still an old saying, respect a healthy diet, less oil, this time we are fried, not fried.


Homemade Tofu

1. The main ingredients are quite simple. I bought old tofu from the vegetable farm and changed it to a knife.
For a square of 2 cm wide by 0.5 cm, there are two ways to deal with it:
1. You can mix a little dry starch directly, and fry it until golden on both sides;
2. Blanch water. The purpose of blanching water is to get rid of the beany taste, and at the same time to make the tofu shape so that it is not fragile when frying; remember to drain the water;

2. Heat the pot, put the bottom oil, and flatten the tofu processed in step 1. Don't rush to move. Turn the pot from time to time to let the tofu heat evenly. After about 1 minute, gently shake the pot. At this time, basically the tofu will follow. Shake, then you can turn it over, cut it until golden on both sides, set it aside for the time being;

Homemade Tofu recipe

3. Set up another pot, put a little oil (a little bit), just enough to saute the scallion, ginger, red pepper; burst the aroma, put a little sugar, light soy sauce, add water, and then put the tofu just fried into the pot. Simmer the tofu slowly; while the tofu is being stewed, the pot for frying the tofu is empty, then we will stir the green peppers in a frying pan to get the fragrance of the green peppers;
This Kung Fu tofu begins to have a honeycomb shape, and the water is almost evaporated. Let’s add a little salt, according to the personal taste, gently flip; the green pepper comes on the scene, stir it evenly and it will be out of the pot. If there is more soup, you can If you make a small note, the dishes will be brighter and more attractive.

Homemade Tofu recipe


Tips: Add some salt to the blanched tofu in the water, which can effectively remove the beany taste of old tofu and the sour taste of brine


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