Homemade Tribute Balls

Homemade Tribute Balls

by Wen Ting Qianzi

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Every time I go back to Xiamen, I will go to an old store to taste Gongwan soup.

The store is not big, and the small bamboo chairs in the square are already in dilapidated condition, but there are still many diners coming here every day.

It still has the old taste, the glutinous balls are springy, and the finely chopped parsley is refreshing. The most touching thing is that the store’s three generations of ancestors and grandchildren insist on making tribute balls by hand. The boss and his son seem to have a good skill , Otherwise this hand-made for many years is not something ordinary people can do.

Shiyin Xiaodian has been operating like a day for ten years. Whether it is tribute balls, beef balls, or fish balls, it adheres to the moving quality.
In Hokkien, the mallet is called "carrying", so it is also called "carrying pills" or "gong pills". Thinking that today's tribute balls and fish balls are mostly industrialized production assembly line operations, the ancient workshop has long lost the spirit of artificially striking the meat with wooden clubs and mallets, and then kneading them into meatballs.
If you are tired of eating ping-pong balls in the supermarket, why not try it. Hand-made ping-pong balls can also make you unexpectedly cool, slippery and playful.


Homemade Tribute Balls

1. Wash the meat first, dice the fat and lean meat separately (about 20-30 grams of fat), and then chop into minced pieces. Sprinkle with chopped green onion and pepper.

2. Put the minced meat into the food processor, add cornstarch, sugar, and salt, and stir into the minced meat at high speed with a stirring rod.

3. About 5.6 times of whipping, it becomes very sticky by hand, then take it out and roll it into a meat ball.

Homemade Tribute Balls recipe

4. Use a spoon to divide 20 grams of each tribute pill and roll into a ball.

5. Dip some water on your hands to avoid sticking your hands, beat the meatballs 5.6 times in the palm of your hand until it becomes more elastic.

6. You can make more hand-made original glutinous balls at one time, just press this amount×2. The rest is immediately put into the box for quick freezing. Take out a few pieces each time you eat them, put them in water or stock and cook until they all float up, sprinkle some coriander or celery powder, and you can serve them for tasting. You can also add rice noodle soup, seaweed soup, vegetable soup to increase the umami taste.

Homemade Tribute Balls recipe


1. The earliest source of tribute balls from Hsinchu, Taiwan, is that the hind leg meat of fresh warm-body pigs is beaten and then shaped. The tribute balls produced by modern industrialization have added elastin, flavoring agent, brittleness, preservatives, etc., so It is best to choose tribute balls produced by regular manufacturers;
2. Adding chives, pepper and rice wine can remove the fishy smell of pork and make the balls more delicious and delicious;
3. Operate at home by yourself, just add a proper amount of cornstarch, stir into mashed meat, and the skill of hand beating can also make a Q-ball tribute;
4. Taibaifen, namely raw potato starch, is also a starch commonly used in Taiwanese households. It is mostly used for thickening. In Chinese cooking, in addition to thickening the food to produce a smooth taste, it is also commonly used as one of the meat marinades to soften the meat.


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