Steamed Meat

Steamed Meat

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Soda meat is one of the traditional famous dishes in Hubei Province. It does not refer to the carbonated soda that is often drunk, but the soda produced by heating and distilling the water in the steamer. This soda is used to steam the minced meat. It is most suitable for fresh steaming. Eat now. The soda meat steamed by this method is refreshing and delicious, rich in nutrients, and tender and smooth, which is very conducive to digestion. It is especially suitable for sick people with weak gastrointestinal tract as a nutritional meal for patients. It is also very suitable for children or the elderly with bad teeth. Yo.
The original intention of doing this was also because Angbao had a fever a few days ago and I had a bad cold, which caused both of them to lose appetite. I thought of the time when I graduated from high school and worked in a restaurant in Wuhan during the summer vacation more than ten years ago. One of the sisters in the kitchen is from Shiyan (actually 3 years older than me). She is very diligent. Although she works in the kitchen, as long as she is free, she will help me in the front hall. She does She was quick and sharp, sharp-eyed, and quick-witted. After seeing many of the dishes that the chef knew, she slowly started to use it, especially the steamed meat, which was very delicious. Will also make it from time to time, to solve our slander. At the end of the summer vacation, I also finished my work and went to school, but I was also in Wuhan. When I had time, I would go back to play with them. Later, after 3 or 4 years, the hotel was demolished and my sister returned to Shiyan’s hometown to get married and have children. I also graduated. Going south to Guangdong to work, but at that time, communication was not as advanced as now. There were QQ, WeChat, mobile phones and the like. At the beginning, I wrote letters to contact, and then I lost contact. I am really sorry. Although I can’t contact, but that The friendship, but always stay in my heart, dear sister Fu, no matter where you are, I wish you happiness and happiness~~~
The minced meat, minced by hand, will taste better; I also served the enoki mushroom, which is known as the "puzzle mushroom". The steamed soda meat, the soup is fresh and tender, one bite of the enoki mushroom, one bite of the meatloaf, it tastes good...

Steamed Meat

1. All kinds of ingredients are prepared.

Steamed Meat recipe

2. Wash and peel the hind leg meat and cut into small pieces.

Steamed Meat recipe

3. Chop into minced meat.

Steamed Meat recipe

4. Put it in a bowl, add cooking wine, cornstarch, refined salt and thirteen incense.

Steamed Meat recipe

5. Stir in the same direction.

Steamed Meat recipe

6. Then add chopped green onions and black pepper.

Steamed Meat recipe

7. Stir in the same direction again and marinate for 10 minutes.

Steamed Meat recipe

8. Remove the roots of Flammulina velutipes, wash and drain.

Steamed Meat recipe

9. Cut into inch pieces and put into the bottom of the bowl.

Steamed Meat recipe

10. The marinated minced meat is formed into a flat meatloaf, placed on top of the enoki mushroom, and a small hole is punched in the middle of the meatloaf.

Steamed Meat recipe

11. Pour in water that has not been used for enoki mushrooms, and add light soy sauce.

Steamed Meat recipe

12. Boil water in a pot, steam the bowl into the pot after the water is boiled.

Steamed Meat recipe

13. Steam on high heat for 8 minutes, sprinkle with chopped green onion and serve.

Steamed Meat recipe


1: Choose lean meat as much as possible, plum meat is the best, and the meat will be more tender.
2: Manually chop into minced meat. When adding ingredients and stirring, stir vigorously in the same direction, so that the steamed meat is elastic and tastes good.
3: Because the enoki mushroom will produce water when it is steamed, when adding water, only need to have the enoki mushroom. But if it is to steam the minced meat alone, the amount of water needs to be less than the minced meat.


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