Twice Cooked Pork

Twice Cooked Pork

by Xin Lai

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The favorite meat dish at home (ー̀εー́)


Twice Cooked Pork

1. Pork in a hot pot under cold water, add scallions, pepper, ginger and crushed garlic, and cook until the pork is over the heart (the chopsticks can penetrate it)

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

2. Pork fat and thin slices

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

3. Green pepper cut into small pieces

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

4. Pour the fat into the pot to explode the excess fat, then pour out the excess fat, leaving only a little bit in the pot

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

5. Pour in the lean meat and stir-fry for a while, then add shredded ginger, pepper and watercress, stir-fry evenly, add appropriate amount of soy sauce to color

Twice Cooked Pork recipe

6. Pour in the green pepper, stir fry until it is broken, add a small amount of sugar and salt, stir and fry evenly

Twice Cooked Pork recipe


Before the pork is boiled, the skin should be seared, so that it will be very sticky afterwards. The remaining water of the boiled pork can be used to remove the froth and auxiliary ingredients to cook the white radish soup. The soup will taste great because someone in the family does not eat any fat. So I separated the fat and the thin. If you don’t mind, you can fry the fat and thin at the same time. Because soy sauce and watercress are both salty, it’s best to taste it before adding salt.


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