Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

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The homemade yogurt is very thick, and it is naturally fermented. It is not like the taste of unscrupulous merchants with thickening agents. It is very delicious. The method of sharing this yogurt today is the lazy method. You don’t need a yogurt maker, a yogurt cup, just a rice cooker, and you only need to thoroughly disinfect all the utensils you touch. It is not a big problem to make a successful yogurt. . Milk can only be used pure milk or whole milk, not milk beverages instead. The ratio of milk to yogurt is 4:1. The probiotics in yogurt will multiply by itself. A little bit of yogurt can turn milk into yogurt. The prepared old yogurt can be added with honey, jam, various fruits, raisins, etc. you like at the same time, and the taste is more delicious. There is also a small reminder, the best time to drink yogurt is about 2 hours after a meal, at this time the stomach acid is diluted, and the pH in the stomach is most suitable for the growth of lactic acid bacteria.


Homemade Yogurt

1. 200g pure milk, 50g plain yogurt, 20g white sugar

Homemade Yogurt recipe

2. Pour the milk into the milk pan, add the sugar and stir evenly, heat on a low heat until the sugar melts (the sugar can be increased or decreased according to your own taste)

Homemade Yogurt recipe

3. Wait for the milk temperature to drop to about 40 degrees (if you don’t have a thermometer, feel the bowl with your hands. It’s about the same temperature as your hands or a little warmer. The temperature can only be low but not high. If it is high, it will scald the probiotics in the yogurt)

Homemade Yogurt recipe

4. Add 50g yogurt and mix well

Homemade Yogurt recipe

5. Put the container into boiling water, sterilize at high temperature, and pour the yogurt liquid

Homemade Yogurt recipe

6. Pour warm water into the rice cooker, adjust to the heat preservation level, keep the temperature in the pot continuously at about 37 degrees, and soak the container with yogurt in warm water (heat preservation is to keep the milk mixed liquid at a balanced temperature for fermentation)

Homemade Yogurt recipe

7. Let stand for 6 hours. If the yogurt becomes thicker, it is ready. If not, put it in and cover it for 1-2 hours until it reaches the concentration you are satisfied with.

Homemade Yogurt recipe


1. Ensure that the container is water-free and oil-free aseptic before fermentation, otherwise it will affect the final results of yogurt fermentation;
2. The proportion of fine sugar can be added or reduced according to personal preference;
3. The thick inner tank has a good temperature storage effect, so after turning off the power, the milk can be kept at a constant temperature and continue to ferment;
4. The prepared yogurt can be put in the refrigerator to keep fresh, and the flavor will be more
5. The prepared yogurt has no additives, so it must be kept in cold storage. It is best to eat it within three days, and it should not be kept for too long.
6. Fill the water into the rice cooker. It is better to put it in the bowl and just reach the half-full place on the wall of the bowl. Don't let the bowl float with too much water, and don't have too little water. If there is too little water, soak the hot water to heat it. The surface is uneven, the bottom is hot and the top is cool, which easily affects the quality of the finished product;


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