Honey Fruit Tea

Honey Fruit Tea

by Autumn to Maple Leaf Red

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In spring, everything is revived, the sunshine is full of beautiful breath, the wicker sprouts, and the grass stretches out its head.
In this warm spring season, the spring breeze is blowing slowly, and the air is dry, and it is important to replenish water.
Drinking more honey fruit tea in spring has a good health preservation effect.
The most popular fresh fruits on the market are strawberries, kumquats, etc. It is most suitable to make fruit tea with these fresh fruits; adding honey to the tea can clear heat and moisturize dryness, and effectively relieve the troubles of spring dryness.


Honey Fruit Tea

1. Prepare ingredients: strawberries, kumquats, lemons, apples, cherries, honey, tea bags;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

2. Wash the strawberries, remove the stalks, and cut into pieces;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

3. Wash the kumquat and cut into pieces;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

4. Wash the cherries, remove the pits, and cut into pieces;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

5. Wash the lemon and slice;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

6. The apple is peeled, cored, and cut into pieces;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

7. All fruits are ready;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

8. Put the cut fruits into the pot;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

9. Put in the tea bag and then add 85° hot water, cover and simmer for 10 minutes;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

10. Because the cup above is double-layer insulation, the side is not transparent, so I changed the teapot;

Honey Fruit Tea recipe

11. Add honey to the water temperature at about 35°C, mix well and drink.

Honey Fruit Tea recipe


1. Strawberry rice washing water can decontaminate and remove pesticides well;
2. Apples are easy to oxidize and turn yellow. Cut the apples last or put them in lemonade;
3. Kumquats, cherries, lemons with pits are best removed;
4. Fruit tea does not need to be too high temperature, the highest should not exceed 85 degrees;
5. Honey should not be added at high temperature too early, just add it before drinking.


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