Spinach Cake Roll

Spinach Cake Roll

by petrus

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Natural and healthy spinach cake rolls are attractive emerald green, full of spring breath, one bite, as if you can eat spring into your stomach, using home-made fruit and vegetable juices, creative cakes with unusual colors, just that touch of emerald color , People feel like a spring breeze, refreshed, and are enthusiastically sought after by everyone...


Spinach Cake Roll

1. Prepare the ingredients, chop the spinach, add water to the juicer, smash, sieve, and take 85g of juice for later use

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

2. Sift low-gluten flour into the spinach juice and mix well, then add egg yolk and mix well.

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

3. Beat the egg whites, add fine sugar in portions, beat to nine and distribute

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

4. The whipped egg whites are divided twice with the spinach paste and mix well

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

5. Pour the egg roll paste from a slightly higher place into the baking tray, and shake to defoam

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

6. Put in the middle of the oven to preheat at 150 degrees for 3 minutes, and bake for 25 minutes

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

7. Whip the whipped cream with powdered sugar, put it in and roll it up, put it in the refrigerator and freeze for about 20 minutes

Spinach Cake Roll recipe

8. Squeeze whipped cream on top of the cake roll, then add strawberries and raisins to decorate, and the beautiful cake roll is successfully baked~~

Spinach Cake Roll recipe


1. When whisking the egg whites, do not beat them too much, otherwise it will cause the cake batter to defoam.
2. Put the cake rolls in the refrigerator and freeze for 20 minutes so that the cake rolls can be shaped.
3. Decorated fruits, you can choose your favorite fruit decoration.
4. I use a PE5386 one-degree shuttle oven. When you use other brands of ovens, please pay attention to the appropriate adjustment of the temperature.


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