Fruity Three Cup Chicken

Fruity Three Cup Chicken

by Susuai Food

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A New Year’s Eve dinner is not just a meal, it is a symbol of family reunion, a magnet for family unity, and people’s wishes and prayers for a new year’s life. In fact, it's not just the New Year's Eve dinner, every meal served during the Spring Festival contains these meanings.
And chicken is an indispensable dish in the Spring Festival food customs, the so-called "no chicken can not be a joy, no chicken can not be a feast". "Chicken" and "Ji" are homophonic, meaning good luck.
Sancui Chicken is a well-known home-cooked dish in Taiwan. It is named Sancui because it uses a cup of Taiwanese rice wine, a cup of soy sauce and a cup of black sesame oil (or sesame oil) when cooking. Taiwan Sanbei Chicken originated from Jiangxi Cuisine Sanbei Chicken. After the Hakka brought the practice to Taiwan, they improved and innovated. They used Taiwanese rice wine instead of rice wine, black sesame oil (or sesame oil) instead of lard, and basil (nine-layered tower) was added to enhance the aroma. Thus created the Taiwanese three-cup chicken with Taiwanese characteristics.
Today’s [fresh and invincible fruity three-cup chicken] is a small innovation on the basis of the traditional three-cup chicken. It uses freshly cooked strawberry jam, plus a cup of soy sauce, a cup of cooking oil and a cup of rice wine. Put the soup and stew the chicken directly over a slow fire. After the dish is cooked, it has a strong fragrance. The chicken is soaked in the sweet smell of strawberries. The meat is tender and invincible. The taste is fresh and fragrant and not greasy, which greatly increases the appetite.


Fruity Three Cup Chicken

1. Cut chicken, blanch water, wash strawberries and set aside

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

2. Remove the berries and cut into small pieces, put them in the pot, pour in rock sugar and cook together

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

3. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice, simmer on low heat until soft, and close to high heat until the juice is thick

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

4. Cut the green onion, ginger, garlic and set aside, pour a cup of olive oil into the pot

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

5. Saute the onion, ginger, garlic, add the chicken nuggets and stir fry

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

6. Pour a cup of rice wine, then pour a cup of soy sauce

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe

7. Pour in strawberry jam, simmer for 15-20 minutes on low heat, and collect the juice on high heat

Fruity Three Cup Chicken recipe


1. Three-cup chicken is best to choose boy chicken, the meat is tender and easy to cook;
2. You can switch to beer without rice wine, and the taste is slightly different;
3. Because rock sugar is added when cooking strawberry jam, there is no need to put rock sugar when stewing chicken;
4. Boy chicken is easy to cook, so 15 minutes of stewing is almost the same, if you like soft and rotten, you can stew for 20 minutes;
5. Strawberry jam can be left a little bit before being put into the pot for decoration.


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