Horseshoe Coriander Syrup

Horseshoe Coriander Syrup

by Socks wife

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During the New Year, I often stay up late to eat greasy things. You might as well try this, it will clear away heat and detoxify without being too cold. This is the best to eat this season. In my hometown of Chaozhou, many people will drink it at this time of year. "


Horseshoe Coriander Syrup

1. Wash the horseshoe coriander and peel off the coriander. Don't throw away the skin. Try to clean the stalk as much as possible. Don't cut the head of cilantro, it's mainly the head. (Just leave it while cooking)

Horseshoe Coriander Syrup recipe

2. Put the horseshoes in a proper amount of water, I put a pound of horseshoes and filled it with water. (Like me, you can remove the skin and boil it together. The meat can still be eaten. My home method is to just wash and pat it. After the residue is cooked, just drink the soup.) Cook on high heat for 15 minutes. Teochew people use high heat to boil (cold water), usually for 5 to 10 minutes. Don't ask me why, my mom taught me to cook for a longer time because I am afraid of parasites.

Horseshoe Coriander Syrup recipe

3. Almost boil. Add the coriander and cook for 5 minutes.

Horseshoe Coriander Syrup recipe

4. Remove the skin and the cilantro residues of the horseshoe and leave the meat of the horseshoe to be eaten. Add a large cube of brown sugar. Brown sugar is generally used, but rock sugar is not required. Drain the bubbles.

Horseshoe Coriander Syrup recipe


The horseshoe should be cooked thoroughly and not eaten raw. There are parasites.


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