Hot and Sour Tripe Soup

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup

by Six Six Mommy

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I just like the taste inexplicably, and finally, stepped off the altar and came to my bowl!


Hot and Sour Tripe Soup

1. Cooked tripe from the market, thinly sliced, blanched, 5 minutes

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup recipe

2. A little green onion and ginger, shred and set aside. Soak black fungus and shred. Shred the ham and set aside.

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup recipe

3. Pour appropriate amount of broth (replace with white water if not) and bring to a boil. Pour in tripe, fungus, ham, shredded ginger, shredded green onion, add salt, pepper, chicken essence, cooking wine, and season.

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup recipe

4. Water starch, old vinegar, stir well and set aside

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup recipe

5. After the fourth step is done, cook for five minutes to taste, then pour the water starch stirred by the old vinegar into the pot, stir evenly, boil it out, sprinkle with chopped green onion, coriander, and drops of sesame oil. The delicious hot and sour belly soup is out of the pot! !

Hot and Sour Tripe Soup recipe


The key to making this dish is the hot and sour taste. This is to remind everyone that when adding seasonings to the soup, adjust the appropriate amount according to your taste. Pepper is the key. The step of mixing vinegar with water and starch. If you like sourness, add a little more vinegar.


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