Husband and Wife Lungs

Husband and Wife Lungs

by A few poisonous armor

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Husband and wife lung slices are one of the most famous cold dishes in Sichuan cuisine. There is also a love story. This dish is super delicious, no matter whether it is the first dish for a banquet or the home-cooked meal, I think it is great


Husband and Wife Lungs

1. Add the beef and tripe to water, add a little salt, increase the green onion leaves, and cook them with pepper soy sauce. The pork tongue is cooked in the same way.

Husband and Wife Lungs recipe

2. Take out the cooked beef and tripe and let cool

Husband and Wife Lungs recipe

3. The ingredients are celery, green onions, ginger, garlic, all chopped into small pieces and placed on the bottom of the plate

Husband and Wife Lungs recipe

4. Spread the cut tripe, pork tongue, and beef neatly on top

Husband and Wife Lungs recipe

5. Mix the sauce (red oil chili, pepper oil, salt, light soy sauce, sugar, chicken essence, broth) and just pour the sauce on it

Husband and Wife Lungs recipe


The key to this dish is the red oil chili, the taste of the general red oil chili directly affects the final appearance of this dish. The red oil must have a bright red color and a strong fragrance. If you are interested in the refining of Sichuan-flavored red oil in the middle, you can leave a message. I will post another red oil chili refining in the next issue. In addition to the oil temperature control, there are many flavors Only with the addition of spices can a bowl of high-quality red oil appear. Hope this sharing is useful to you


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