Hot Dog Bun

Hot Dog Bun

by LU guy

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Hot dog buns have actually been made several times, referring to the recipe of Yuchi Taohong, but they used to knead the noodles directly by hand. Obviously they did not reach the level of filming, so the taste is naturally not so soft. This time I used an ACA bread machine. The film has been kneaded out, fermented for 1 hour, then fermented for 1 hour in the ACA Charm Red ATO-RA30HM high configuration oven, and finally baked. Although it takes a long time, the taste is absolutely comparable to or even better than the level of the outside cake house~


Hot Dog Bun

1. Put all the high-gluten flour, egg liquid, white sugar, salt, yeast powder, and pure milk into the bread machine, select the fast kneading program, 20 minutes later, put the butter, and select the fast kneading program again. After 20 minutes, After kneading out the fascia, close the lid of the bread machine and select the fermentation (1 hour) program for the first fermentation

Hot Dog Bun recipe

2. After kneading out the fascia, close the lid of the bread machine and select the fermentation (1 hour) program for the first fermentation

Hot Dog Bun recipe

3. When the dough has grown to 2.5-3 times larger, complete the basic fermentation, divide the dough into two, round and relax for 15 minutes (cover with a damp cloth)

Hot Dog Bun recipe

4. Then roll the dough into an oval shape

Hot Dog Bun recipe

5. Roll up from top to bottom, pinch tightly after rolling

Hot Dog Bun recipe

6. Reshaping the reverse side again

Hot Dog Bun recipe

7. Put it into the ACA ATO-RA30HM high-configuration oven, turn on the heat to 38 degrees, select the fermentation function, and then select the time for one hour for the second fermentation. (The principle of oven fermentation is that only the heat is turned on, and the proper temperature for fermentation is about 38 degrees, not too high)

Hot Dog Bun recipe

8. Take out the dough after it has doubled the original size

Hot Dog Bun recipe

9. Brush with egg wash

Hot Dog Bun recipe

10. ACA ATO-RA30HM high configuration oven 180 degrees up and down heat preheat for 10 minutes, put into the middle of the oven, up and down fire 180 degrees, first select 15 minutes

Hot Dog Bun recipe

11. Cover with tin foil after coloring and bake for 3-5 minutes and it will be OK

Hot Dog Bun recipe

12. Bake it and let it cool for a while, with a gap in the middle, insert lettuce and fried sausage, squeeze it with Thousand Island dressing (or salad dressing) and start eating.

Hot Dog Bun recipe

13. Pairing with iced Coke is really a great summer enjoyment.

Hot Dog Bun recipe


It is best to have a bread machine or a cooking machine that can knead the dough, otherwise it is difficult to knead the fascia by hand~


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