Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert

by Jue Pinju

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Fish gelatin is as famous as bird's nest and shark fin, and it is one of the "eight treasures". The "belly" in the four best products "abalone, ginseng and fin belly" is fish gelatin.
The main components of fish glue are high-grade collagen and mucopolysaccharides, a variety of vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium and other trace elements. Its protein content is as high as 84.2%, and its fat is only 0.2%. The large amount of biological macromolecular collagen contained in fish glue is the raw material for human body to supplement and synthesize protein, and it is easy to absorb and use. It can effectively improve immunity, inhibit cancer cells, activate cells, prevent skin aging and remove wrinkles, activate muscles and bones to slow down arthritis and soreness, especially in the aspects of nourishing blood, stopping bleeding, nourishing yin, and moisturizing dryness.
Shuangya isinglass, also known as Annan isinglass, can treat coughs, has a light fish scent, easily soluble varieties, delicate meat, waxy and slippery taste, rich gelatin, nourishes blood, and is easy to absorb. "


Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert

1. Prepare the ingredients: Shuangya isinglass, milk, red dates.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe

2. Soak the Shuangya isinglass in cold water for 10 minutes, wash it with the red dates, put it in the stewing pot, and add milk.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe

3. Fill up with milk.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe

4. Set soup mode, 1.5 hours.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe

5. Add some brown sugar to the stew.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe

6. Shuangya isinglass is blended with a thick milky fragrance, full of collagen, and a sticky taste.

Isinglass Stewed Milk Dessert recipe


Brown sugar is warm in nature, sweet in taste, and enters the spleen.


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