Isinglass Chicken Soup

Isinglass Chicken Soup

by Shan Shan Shan is here

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I went back to my mother-in-law’s house a few days ago and killed an old hen that had been raised for several years. I killed it and half of it with my friend’s house. The stewed for 5 hours for the first time was just right, and the second time it was stewed for only 3 hours for the second time. But the chicken is not bad enough. The nutritious value of the old hen soup is very high, and fish glue can effectively supplement collagen and beautify tonic.


Isinglass Chicken Soup

1. Ingredients are prepared. The chicken nuggets were blanched, and the chicken skin was too fat and torn.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

2. Soak the fish gelatin for half an hour in advance.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

3. The shiitake mushrooms are also soaked for half an hour.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

4. Then put all the ingredients in the stewing pot.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

5. Add boiling water to 80% full.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

6. Add boiling water to the outside of the stewing pot. It is six minutes full and can’t add more. It will overflow when too much stew.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

7. Press the button to simmer for 3 hours.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe

8. After cooking, add a little salt and adjust.

Isinglass Chicken Soup recipe


The purpose of putting shiitake mushrooms is to remove the fishy smell of fish gelatin. If shiitake mushrooms are not put, the fish gelatin must be blanched with shallots and ginger slices, and then ginger slices should be added when stewing, otherwise it will be too fishy to eat.


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