Japanese Miso Soup

Japanese Miso Soup

by He Xiaohe

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I used Xinhe’s Japanese miso sauce, which is very convenient and the soup tastes very good. My family likes it.


Japanese Miso Soup

1. Clean fresh kelp.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

2. Add water to the soup pot, boil, add the kelp and cook for a few minutes. The kelp will turn green and become soft soon.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

3. Soak the cooked kelp in cold water for a while, then remove it to drain.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

4. Shred the kelp.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

5. Speed up a proper amount of water in the stockpot, add sliced green onion, ginger slices and tofu cubes and cook for 20 minutes.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

6. Add the cut kelp and cook for another 10 minutes.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

7. Add two tablespoons of miso sauce and no other seasoning is needed.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe

8. Continue to cook for 5 minutes, add coriander, and drizzle a little sesame oil to taste.

Japanese Miso Soup recipe


The flavor of miso sauce is enough, no other seasoning is needed.


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