Jujube Mud Yam Cake

Jujube Mud Yam Cake

by Sweet talk

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Dioscorea has the effect of replenishing middle gas and preventing colds. Dioscore has many effects, and its most prominent feature is to invigorate the stomach and eliminate food. Therefore, patients with hyperhidrosis and frequent colds should moderately increase their intake of yam in autumn. This can effectively enhance the resistance of the elderly, thereby preventing colds. There are many ways to eat yam. You can stir-fry, steam, and wire yam, or cook porridge with rice, millet, and jujube.


Jujube Mud Yam Cake

1. Cut the red dates, pit them, and boil until soft

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

2. Put it in the bean paste machine and puree it slightly

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

3. Jujube puree, starch, white powder and stir well

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

4. Steamed yam in a pot

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

5. The boiled yam is aired, peeled and mixed with condensed milk to form a cake

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

6. Put the jujube stuffing in the cake wrapper

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe

7. Put it in a cake mold and press out the shape

Jujube Mud Yam Cake recipe


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