Yam Big Bone Soup

Yam Big Bone Soup

by Norwegian Red Food

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This soup is suitable for all seasons. It can replenish calcium and enhance immunity. It is suitable for all ages.


Yam Big Bone Soup

1. The yam is peeled off.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe

2. The yam is cleaned and cut into large pieces.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the yam in the boiling pot and scoop two bowls of big bone soup.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe

4. Bring to a boil for two minutes and season with salt, then add sweet beans.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe

5. Boil it again, and the pot of soup will be ready.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe

6. Serve and enjoy.

Yam Big Bone Soup recipe


Just boil the sweet beans. Don't cook for too long, so cook the yam first and put the sweet beans later.


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