When Fried Vegetables

When Fried Vegetables

by Azalea Gourmet

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During the Spring Festival, I played in my hometown for a month, and I had no resistance to eat Hesai every day, which caused me to lose 5 kilograms of meat a month. Sometimes I also think that gaining 5 catties is not considered Doha, but when I go to the supermarket to buy 5 catties of pork, I know the concept of how much this 5 catties of meat is! So recently I am also trying to lose 5 catties of meat. If we don't lose these 5 catties, the white skirt from last summer will not be worn this year! For my fairy white dress, try to lose weight! Recently, I eat light and small meals every day, mainly fruits and vegetables. Even if my husband stews fragrant bacon at home at noon on weekends, I can resist eating only 2 small pieces. Even so, I deeply feel that gaining weight is easy to lose weight and it is difficult to lose weight! My WeChat public account [Azalea Gourmet], after paying attention, you can view the gourmet recipes that I carefully edit for everyone every day and let you lose your body and mind!


When Fried Vegetables

1. Prepare all the ingredients first. Remove the pods from the green peas, the corn from the cobs, the carrots and the yam, and immediately put them in cold water to prevent oxidation and blackening.

When Fried Vegetables recipe

2. Add a little oil to the bottom of the pot and sauté the ginger.

When Fried Vegetables recipe

3. Then pour in all the ingredients and stir fry for 2-3 minutes before adding salt.

When Fried Vegetables recipe

4. Add a little starch water to stir-fry evenly before serving, then add a spoonful of sesame oil to enhance the flavor. The starch water is made by diluting a little dry starch with clear water. The starch water is added to make the flavor of the seasoning evenly stick to each grain of the food and make the dish more flavorful in the mouth.

When Fried Vegetables recipe


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