Kimchi Cake

Kimchi Cake

by Taste chew

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All kinds of pancakes are the love of my children.
In fact, I also like it. The most important thing is being hungry, and compared to working people, doing this is also very time-saving.
Flour, eggs, and some side dishes make a delicious pancake.


Kimchi Cake

1. Ingredients needed (Kimchi chopped into pieces).

Kimchi Cake recipe

2. Beat the eggs into the container and beat them up.

Kimchi Cake recipe

3. Add snow powder.

Kimchi Cake recipe

4. Stir until there is no particles in the paste, then add the kimchi and mix well.

Kimchi Cake recipe

5. Add oil to the non-stick pan. After it is blanched, put it into the pan with a spoon to form a small cake.

Kimchi Cake recipe

6. Slowly fry on low heat, fry on one side and turn on the other side until golden brown on both sides.

Kimchi Cake recipe


1. The amount of kimchi in the main ingredient is a small amount of kimchi water.
2. I use homemade kimchi, if the kimchi is too salty, reduce or no longer add salt.
3. After pouring the batter into the pan, use a spoon to thin it out so that it is easy to fry.
4. Use low heat to fry slowly, otherwise it will be easy to paste.


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