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One piece of noodles, three ways to eat, the skin is crispy and delicious



1. Blanch the noodles in boiling water, wait for a while to knead the noodles for proofing

Omelet recipe

2. Beat the eggs, add salt and chopped green onion

Omelet recipe

3. Add oil, five-spice powder, flour, and salt to the small dish and mix well to make the shortbread

Omelet recipe

4. At this time, roll the noodles into a rectangular piece of dough, and spread a spoonful of pastry on top

Omelet recipe

5. Roll up into three agents

Omelet recipe

6. Roll into a round cake

Omelet recipe

7. Put a little oil on the frying spoon and put the noodles on the pan, fry the golden frying spoon on both sides, put the egg liquid on the pancakes

Omelet recipe

8. Just cooked

Omelet recipe

9. This is the egg side. Isn’t it beautiful?

Omelet recipe

10. This cake is also golden on both sides, pour the egg mixture

Omelet recipe

11. Turn over

Omelet recipe

12. The third is egg filling

Omelet recipe

13. The commonality of the three cakes is that the outside is crispy and the inside is soft

Omelet recipe


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