Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot

by Sun Zhuzhu

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The stew soup is hot and the casserole keeps warm. When the dishes are on the table, flowers will turn over. The hot pot casserole is eaten while heating. The soup is always hot. If you eat these warm foods, the body The cold will be removed immediately, making people feel happy and warm.
The kimchi pot that came from outside is also very popular now, because spicy cabbage has always been a traditional small pickle in the Northeast. As long as it is a pickle stall, there are spicy cabbage, so the taste of the kimchi pot will be liked as soon as you taste it, not to mention this kimchi pot is Very simple, even a novice who doesn’t know how to cook can make it effortlessly, and the kimchi pot is very time-saving and time-saving. If you don’t know how to roll the squid, you can just cut it into shreds. There is no limitation except for spicy cabbage. Sex, you can play freely, you can make it in a casserole and serve it directly, or you can eat it while heating it on the table. The content of the bowl is delicious. The rice is soaked in soup. It is also delicious if you put fast food noodles in it. , The soup is not wasted, it is a very good vegetable rice in one pot, which can be regarded as a quick and time-saving dish.


Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot

1. Wash the squid and peel it off, cut the shrimp to remove the shrimp thread, and cut the spicy cabbage into small pieces

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

2. Cut the squid into slices and spread it on the cutting board. First select a corner and use a 45-degree oblique angle to make a knife mark. The depth is 1/2 of the thickness of the squid, and the distance between the knife marks is 3 mm; then turn. The two directions and the above knife marks are crossed and the knife marks are made in the same way, so that the surface of the squid appears a diamond-shaped grid.

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

3. Divide the cut squid into small pieces and set aside; cut the pork belly into thin slices and set aside; boil some water, pour in the tofu cut into small pieces and boil and remove.

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

4. Bring the water to a boil, pour a little cooking wine, then pour in the squid, curl it into a roll and remove the water control; heat the wok with a little oil, then put the pork belly and fry the oil on a low heat, pour a little cooking wine along the side of the pot

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

5. Pour into small slices of spicy cabbage and stir-fry for a fragrant flavor; pour into the rice-washing water, and the water can also be boiled

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

6. Then put the tofu, put the chili sauce in the soup spoon, adjust the soup first, then pour it into the soup pot

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

7. Add shrimp, mushrooms and green onions cut into diagonal blades and bring to a boil, cook for 2 minutes

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe

8. Put the squid rolls into the pot and boil; pour all the cooked vegetables and soup into a small casserole or soup pot and serve in a clay pot, so that it can keep warm, or put it on the alcohol stove or induction cooker and eat it on a low fire, so in winter It will be very warm to eat, and the soup can be more. After eating, the soup can be used to soak rice, or you can put a pack of fast food noodles in it, so that you have all the vegetables and soup with rice, which saves trouble and is delicious.

Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe
Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe
Kimchi Seafood Tofu Pot recipe


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