Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies

by Hangzhou Duren Jessie Point Training School

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Kitty cats are loved by all friends with a girlish heart. Today, our teacher Du Renjie will make a Kitty cat biscuit for everyone, a gift for you on Children’s Day

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies

1. 1. Prepare raw materials and cookie molds

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

2. 2. Cut the butter into small pieces and soften at room temperature

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

3. 3. Beat the softened butter with fine sugar until white

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

4. 4. Add egg liquid in two times and beat until fluffy

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

5. 5. Sift in low-gluten flour

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

6. 6. Knead gently into the dough without excessive kneading

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

7. 7. Put oil paper on both sides of the dough, and roll it into a sheet of about 0.5㎝

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

8. 8. Use the KITTY biscuit mold to press out the biscuit blanks. The biscuit blanks are very soft, so put the oil paper into the refrigerator for about half an hour

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

9. 9. The frozen and hardened biscuits can be easily removed and placed on the baking tray with a certain gap between the biscuits.

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

10. 10. Preheat the oven to 165°, and roast the middle layer up and down for about 20 minutes. Observe the coloring of the biscuits at any time, the edges will turn yellow and they will be cooked

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

11. 11. Bake the biscuits and let cool

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe

12. 12. The two types of chocolate melt in water, add a drop of red pigment into the white chocolate and turn it into pink. Use a toothpick dipped in the chocolate to paint carefully.

Kitty Cat Fancy Cookies recipe


1. Unfrozen biscuit blanks are very soft. Moving at this time will destroy the shape of the biscuit, so it must be frozen and hardened to be easily removed.
2. The baking time and temperature are for reference only


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