Kumquat Bread

Kumquat Bread

by Ah Da^.^

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[Works of Bai Cui's Fifth Food Contest]
Thinking of the autumn harvest scene, what came to my mind were slices of golden wheat fields and frames of fruits, so I thought of making this orange bread. In order to reflect the golden color of oranges, I thought of using goji berries to add water. When the noodles are made into a sauce, the color is not bad, and there is the aroma of goji berries in it. The roasted noodles look a bit like oranges!


Kumquat Bread

1. Wash the goji berries, add water to the cooking machine and smash, filter out the goji berry juice with a sieve and set aside for beating

Kumquat Bread recipe

2. Add high and low gluten flour, white sugar, salt, egg, yeast powder, wolfberry juice to the bread machine bucket, put the bread bucket into the PE8500w bread machine, and select the kneading program for 20 minutes

Kumquat Bread recipe

3. After finishing, put it in the butter, choose the dough mixing program again for 20 minutes, and check that the dough can be pulled out of the film.

Kumquat Bread recipe

4. After kneading, the dough is rounded and kept in the bread machine. Select the fermentation program for 35 minutes. Take out the dough and knead it evenly, expel the air

Kumquat Bread recipe

5. Divide evenly into small doughs of 18g each, and then round each portion

Kumquat Bread recipe

6. Take one and roll it out, wrap it with bean paste, tighten the opening and place it down. Do this for each portion.

Kumquat Bread recipe

7. Take a clean sterilized gauze and put it on your hand, put the dough on it, tighten the gauze to make the pattern print, and do this for each one.

Kumquat Bread recipe

8. Press the head of the chopsticks in the middle of each one, then put a mung bean inside, and then use a toothpick to press deep marks around the mung bean. After about 15 minutes,

Kumquat Bread recipe

9. Preheat the Baicui PE5386 oven in advance, put the green body in the middle layer, heat up and down at 165 degrees, 18 minutes, after baking, take out and brush with a layer of butter, let cool and enjoy

Kumquat Bread recipe


1. Wolfberry juice with 40g of wolfberry and 150g of water
2. Use gauze to print the pattern on the dough to be more like the texture of orange peel. Because it will expand when baking, the pattern should be printed as darker as possible. The same is true when embossing mung beans and toothpicks.
3. Because it took a lot of time to make a plastic surgery one by one, it only takes 15 minutes to make a haircut in the end.


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