La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice

La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice

by Lan Bingying

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The so-called braised rice is to put water and vegetables together and steam them together in a pot. When the rice is steamed, the vegetables and meat inside are also mature, so that there are both rice and vegetables, and the nutrition is very comprehensive.
I remember that the first time I saw stewed rice was a long time ago. At that time, I was still in the picky eating stage. When I went home again, I smelled a different scent as soon as I entered the door.
The advantage of braised rice is that it can complete both rice and vegetables in one pot, which saves time to a large extent and liberates lazy people like me. One pot is all done~ It tastes better than ordinary white rice and is more flavorful than ordinary stir-fry. Healthy~


La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice

1. Heat the pot and pour in the cooking oil, add the diced bacon, stir fry until the diced meat changes color

La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice recipe

2. Add the diced bamboo shoots and diced peas, stir fry until the ingredients are ripe

La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice recipe

3. Soak the glutinous rice with water for half an hour in advance, add the fried ingredients, and stir evenly

La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice recipe

4. Cover the lid, press the cook button, cook until the rice is mature, stir well after simmering, and serve.

La Xiang Chun Flavor Braised Rice recipe


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