Lamb Tripe with Cilantro

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro

by Shimizu Shark's Fin Kitchen

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It is easier to mix lamb tripe with water-boiled belly. Relatively low technical content, you can make it yourself at home, but water-boiled belly can’t be done. Every time you cook blanching at home, you can’t control the heat, so it’s hard to chew, so just do it at home. Just eat lamb tripe, the lamb tripe can be prepared with confidence, squeeze some shabu ingredients and mix with a little coriander, this dish is ready, the mixed belly is very tasty and tender, let's make it~


Lamb Tripe with Cilantro

1. The semi-finished lamb tripe is bought for fear of being dirty and scraped with a knife. Then it is cleaned and placed in a boiling pot. Add five spices such as green onion, ginger, pepper, star anise, fennel, licorice, angelica, and amomum, or put it directly into the first generation market. For the five-spice bag sold, add a little water, turn to low heat and cook for 30 minutes after the pot is boiled, and let it cool naturally.

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro recipe

2. Remove the lamb belly and wash the coriander

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro recipe

3. Remove the lamb belly and shred, cut the coriander into sections, spread the coriander on the bottom of the plate, and put the belly shreds on top

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro recipe

4. Squeeze the right amount of shabu ingredients according to your own suitable saltiness

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro recipe

5. Pour the chili oil and mix it with a plate of spicy belly shreds

Lamb Tripe with Cilantro recipe


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