Lao Duck Soup

Lao Duck Soup

by Lizi 730

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The weather is cold, and I want to drink soup every day when I get home from get off work. Try the old duck soup at home today. Old people and children like this soup, and you can eat more dishes!


Lao Duck Soup

1. Prepare the materials.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

2. Blanch the duck meat to remove the blood.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

3. Peel the radishes and change them into small lumps.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

4. Put the blanched duck meat into an electric pressure cooker.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

5. Put the radish on the surface of the duck meat.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

6. Add water to the electric pressure cooker, and then add the old duck sugar.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

7. Adjust the cooking time of the electric pressure cooker.

Lao Duck Soup recipe

8. It can be eaten within an hour.

Lao Duck Soup recipe


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