Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup

by Zhou Tai Liang Soup

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【Shishi】It is also called Shishi, Chinese medicine believes that Shishi is sweet and smooth in nature, has the effects of promoting blood circulation, laxative, clearing heat and reducing swelling, and can nourish body fluid and lungs, nourish the middle and nourish qi, and have a unique effect on fatigue, cough and asthma .
Cooking soup with the old duck is most suitable for friends who stay in the air-conditioned room for a long time in winter and work and live. It can prevent dryness, nourish yin and nourish the lungs.


Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup

1. The old duck (common duck can also be used) is cleaned and blanched in boiling water, cleaned and chopped into small pieces for later use

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

2. Scrape the brown skin of the mushrooms, wash and cut into half

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

3. Put the old duck, green onion and ginger into the saucepan, pour the rice wine

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

4. Put the Shiitake mushrooms on top

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

5. Add water to submerge the ingredients, then boil and cook on low heat for 3-4 hours

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

6. After the duck is completely crispy, add salt to taste, and finally add wolfberry and cook for 5 minutes.

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe

7. The taste of Lao Ya Tang is very delicious, and the taste of Shii Mushroom is powdery, fragrant, and solid. It is a perfect match for stewing soup with Lao Ya.

Ci Mushroom Lao Duck Soup recipe


Lao Ya, whether in summer, autumn or winter, is a frequent visitor at Zhou Tai's table. Not only is the soup delicious, the effect cannot be ignored, it is nourishing and peaceful, the so-called daily health maintenance depends on the long flow of water, perseverance, in life, one Three meals a day are indispensable. Therefore, dietary regimen should be the easiest and sustainable. Facts have proved that it is also effective. After autumn, I often come to a pot of Lao Ya Tang, which is definitely a good helper for lungs and dryness. Especially for chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic bronchitis, I often drink [Cordyceps Lao Ya Tang] after winter, which can nourish the kidney and relieve asthma. , Nourishing the lungs, nourishing yang, replenishing qi and blood. It is suitable for the elderly with frail anemia, those who are susceptible to cold and cold, as well as those with lung yin deficiency, asthma and cough, backaches and legs, which are more effective than taking medicine.


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