Leek Box

Leek Box

by annyuan

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Leek Box

1. Stir-fry the eggs with a little water, stir-fry them, and put them at room temperature.

Leek Box recipe

2. Wash and chop the leeks, mix well with olive oil, so that the oil is evenly coated on the leeks.

Leek Box recipe

3. The sea rice is soaked in warm water and chopped.

Leek Box recipe

4. Mix the leeks, eggs, sea rice, and dried small shrimps, add 10 grams of salt, and mix gently.

Leek Box recipe

5. Divide the pre-made noodles into 8 small doses and roll them into a dough with the same size as the bottom of the flat pan. Pour the mixed filling into one side of the dough and spread it evenly. Fold the other side and press the side. .

Leek Box recipe

6. Put a little olive oil in the pan, put the two zygotes in the pan, turn off the heat and cover until the bottom is golden brown and turn it over. When Dalitze also fries until golden, the pan will be out.

Leek Box recipe

7. It's delicious and ready to eat.

Leek Box recipe


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