Leek Egg Pancake

Leek Egg Pancake

by Flying hosting teacher Deng

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Leek omelet, a very quick and simple dish, and very cheap.


Leek Egg Pancake

1. Cut the leek into small pieces.

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

2. Beat in the eggs.

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

3. Add salt, chicken essence and light soy sauce and stir well.

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

4. Pour in the oil, and pour in the eggs when the oil is hot. Use a spatula to flatten the eggs.

Leek Egg Pancake recipe

5. Fry on low heat until golden brown and turn over.

Leek Egg Pancake recipe


Be careful when you turn it over, turn it over at a time. The plate is a bit small, so everyone can make do with it.


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