Leishun Pastoral Soup

Leishun Pastoral Soup

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Leishan contains 18 different kinds of amino acids, the types and contents of which are the first among commonly used vegetables, such as cystine, arginine, lysine, histidine, asparagine, lysine, and asparagus Acid, threonine, glutamic acid, proline, tyrosine, methionine, tryptophan, valine, phenylalanine, leucine and alanine and glycine. These amino acids are important nutrients needed by the human body, and tyrosine has the effect of inhibiting the spread of cancer cells. Leishan contains twice as many amino acids as pork (pork contains 9 kinds of amino acids), and has low tannin and alkaloid content, which is delicious and delicious, so Leishan is a highly effective nutritious food.

Leishan is rich in phosphorus and is one of the types with higher phosphorus content in vegetables. At the same time, Leishan also has two valuable anti-cancer elements, which are rich in selenium and germanium, which have high nutritional value to the human body, especially organic germanium, the dishes that people often eat at present (chicken, meat, eggs, fish, duck and Many kinds of vegetables) basically do not contain this anti-cancer germanium element (the germanium in shiitake mushrooms is only 1/10 of that of bamboo shoots). People who eat more Lei Sun are not easy to cause body obesity and can reduce the occurrence of cancer. Its nutrition is better than many commonly used vegetables, so Lei Sun is a veritable mountain food.

Leishan grows from the soil bamboo whip, and has less pests and diseases. Compared with other dishes, it is less polluted by pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful gases. It is generally a "free inspection" product in foreign trade exports, so Leishan is another one. Kind of organic food and green food.

Leishan is an alkaline food rich in flavonoids and cellulose. Most of the people’s daily dishes are acidic foods. If you eat acidic foods, your blood is easy to become acidic, and you are prone to fatigue. Cholesterol is easy to accumulate on the blood vessel wall and blood viscosity. It is also high, with impetuous personality and easy to get sick. Eating more raspberries can balance the acid-base in the body, increase muscle and skin elasticity, and is beneficial to health. Therefore, it is also a health food. "


Leishun Pastoral Soup

1. Leishan, 1 corn on the cob, 1 white radish, 1 rib, 250 g sliced ginger, 4 pieces of seasoning salt, appropriate amount

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

2. .Pour water into the casserole, pour cold water into it, and turn on a high fire.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

3. . Pour into the washed ribs.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

4. .Wash the vegetables and cut into sections for later use.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

5. .Put in white radish.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

6. . Put in corn segments.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

7. .Put the Leishan and ginger slices to a boil, then turn to low heat and cook for 1 hour.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe

8. .Pour in the right amount of salt to adjust the taste and it can be out of the pot.

Leishun Pastoral Soup recipe


The ribs are not blanched and have a small amount of floating powder. When they are opened, use a spoon to skim the floating powder so that it will not stick to the top of the pot.

The soup in slow cooker is very delicious, so no MSG is added. If you like MSG alone, add it as appropriate.

The water should be added at one time and not half of the water. This will cause nutrient loss and the taste will not be delicious.


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