Lobster Noodles

Lobster Noodles

by Qianhui Little Chef

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The spicy lobster soup base at noon was so delicious, my friend was not willing, so I thought of making noodles in lobster soup, the taste is also great!


Lobster Noodles

1. Put 100g flour in a bowl, add appropriate amount of water, and knead until it does not stick

Lobster Noodles recipe

2. After kneading the noodles, sprinkle flour on the chopping board to prevent adhesion, and roll the noodles into 1 mm thick noodles.

Lobster Noodles recipe

3. Cut the dough into strips 5 cm wide and 10 cm long with a knife.

Lobster Noodles recipe

4. Put the lobster in a pot and stir-fry, add the broth to a boil, add the cut noodles, cover the pot and wait for the second boiling, at this time the lobster noodles are ready

Lobster Noodles recipe


Do not add too much water when making the noodles. Sprinkle flour on the dough to prevent adhesion. Since the broth will be mixed with water, you can add salt in an appropriate amount and reduce it according to personal taste.


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