Lollipop Cookies

Lollipop Cookies

by Aunt Xizhen

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My impression of lollipops has always been in Stephen Chow's movie "Kung Fu". The little girl gave him a lollipop in order to comfort the boy who was beaten. Candies are probably the best gift to make children happy. Wouldn't it be more cute if the biscuits were also made into lollipops? Moms should hurry up to learn this very Q biscuit. When you are done, secretly put it in your child's schoolbag or in a prominent place, and you will surely see the child's expression of surprise. The one in our house is, happily holding it all the time, and ate three of them in one breath. This is a killer weapon that has attracted countless children to envy your baby.


Lollipop Cookies

1. After the butter has softened at room temperature, add the powdered sugar first and stir it with a spatula to prevent the powdered sugar from splashing when it will be beaten. Then use an electric whisk to fully beat the butter and sugar until the butter is fluffy and the color is slightly lighter.

Lollipop Cookies recipe

2. Add the whole egg liquid in three times, and stir well each time to prevent separation of egg oil

Lollipop Cookies recipe

3. Divide the whipped butter into two equal parts

Lollipop Cookies recipe

4. Sift one part into strawberry powder, then sieve half of the low-gluten powder, stir with a spatula until there is no dry powder, the other part is also sifted into the low-gluten powder, and stir evenly with the spatula

Lollipop Cookies recipe

5. Knead both the strawberry and the original flavor into a dough. In order to prevent sticking, I knead it through the fresh-keeping bag

Lollipop Cookies recipe

6. Take about 5 grams of dough each, and knead into long strips

Lollipop Cookies recipe

7. Twist the two colored strips together in opposite directions from both ends

Lollipop Cookies recipe

8. Turn the long bar clockwise into a circle, as shown in the figure

Lollipop Cookies recipe

9. Twist all the lollipop noodles one by one

Lollipop Cookies recipe

10. The bamboo skewers are soaked in water for ten minutes in advance. Then insert into the dough, preheat the oven to 170 degrees, middle layer, bake for about 15 minutes

Lollipop Cookies recipe


1. The lollipop biscuits in many tutorials are pigmented, and the baked color is very gorgeous. If you don’t mind, you can replace the strawberry powder with a small amount of coloring. Because I eat it at home, I refuse colorings and use natural strawberry powder. If you don’t have it, you can also replace it with cocoa powder or purple sweet potato powder, mango powder, etc., three colors and four colors are fine;
2. Different from the pigment, the natural color of strawberry powder and purple potato powder will become darker when baked, so the biscuit you see will change from the original pink dough to the close after baking. Light brown look;
3. The colored biscuits must be stared at the oven for the last few minutes. Once baked, the color will become ugly;
4. I adjust the temperature and time according to my own oven. Everyone's dough thickness is different, and the oven temperature is also different. Everyone adjusts according to their own situation;
5. I use bamboo skewers for barbecue. If you don’t have one, you don’t need to check the bamboo skewers.


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