Mango Cocoa Cake

Mango Cocoa Cake

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Probably no woman does not love chocolate. Chocolate exists like a rose. On holidays and anniversaries, if you don’t know what your partner loves, a bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates will be perfect.
Today’s cake uses cocoa powder and chocolate sauce. The method is very simple, you should also try it quickly and make this [Mango Cocoa Cake] for your beloved him/her. Although there are cocoa powder and chocolate sauce in the cake, the formula is oil-free, and the cream is replaced with old yogurt. It tastes like a mellow chocolate, the cake is soft, the old yogurt is refreshing, the mango is sweet, and the chocolate sauce is silky. Slippery, but the heat is not high. You will love him/her, especially her, girls are more beautiful after all. O(∩_∩)o ~


Mango Cocoa Cake

1. Prepare ingredients: mix high-gluten flour with cocoa powder, mix eggs with fine sugar, prepare milk;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

2. Mix high-gluten flour with cocoa powder and sift;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

3. Boil a pot of warm water; when the water is not too hot, place the egg bowl in warm water; use an electric whisk to beat the warm water, and lift the egg head to have obvious scratches, and it is not easy to disappear;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

4. Pour the milk into the egg batter and use a spatula to quickly stir evenly;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

5. Pour in high-gluten flour and cocoa powder; use a spatula to quickly turn up and down and mix evenly;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

6. Pour the cocoa batter 8 minutes full, and gently shake it on the table a few times;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

7. Preheat the oven up and down at 180 degrees, and the time is set to 20 minutes;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

8. Place the mold in the middle of the ACA oven and bake for 20 minutes;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

9. After the procedure is over, take out the mold and take out the cocoa cake; prepare the mango, old yogurt, and chocolate sauce;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

10. Cut the cocoa cake into 4 slices; cut the mango in half and make a cross;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

11. Take out the mango flesh;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

12. Take a slice of cocoa cake and spread an appropriate amount of old yogurt;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

13. Cover with a slice of cocoa cake, and then smear some old yogurt;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

14. Cover a piece of cocoa cake again, and smear some old yogurt; cover the last layer of cocoa cake;

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe

15. Drizzle with chocolate sauce and garnish with mango cubes.

Mango Cocoa Cake recipe


1. I use Xuechu 6 cup non-stick square mold, no need to grease;
2. According to the different power and temper of the oven, the baking time can be flexibly controlled;
3. Use high-gluten flour, the cake taste is Q elastic; if you use low-gluten flour, the cake tastes soft; you can choose different flours according to your favorite taste;


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