Mango Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream

by Lin Binger

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Summer is here, and the first thing I do when I go home every day is to eat some ice cream to relieve the heat, but every time I buy it, I feel that there are too many additives. Eating too much is not good for my health, so there are a lot of food safety issues in this diet. In the old days, it’s more reliable to cook food by yourself. I used to think that ice cream was too complicated to make, and it was also frozen and sent, and a special ice cream machine was needed, so it’s been a long time. Action, but since I saw Shuangshuang's Weibo @双双家的小厨, I realized that making ice cream can be as simple as that. Wash the smoothie cup and put it in the freezer overnight, and take it out when you want to eat it the next day. Pour your favorite drinks (except carbonated drinks), wait patiently for more than ten minutes, the ice cream is basically ready to eat, and this stuff is especially suitable for children, eating and playing is quite interesting.


Mango Ice Cream

1. Wash the inner cup of the smoothie cup and put it in the freezer for more than 8 hours

Mango Ice Cream recipe

2. Cut the mango into small pieces and put it in the cooking cup, add coconut milk

3. Add milk and whipped cream

Mango Ice Cream recipe

4. Add honey

5. Stir the raw materials into a uniform paste

Mango Ice Cream recipe

6. Pour the beaten batter into a smoothie cup, stir it every few minutes until it solidifies into an ice cream state, ready to be eaten


1. All the raw materials can be according to your own preferences, or you can pour milk and honey directly
2. You need to be patient when stirring. After each stirring, let it stand for a few minutes before stirring until it becomes ice cream.


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