Mango Pudding

Mango Pudding

by Fire plated red leaves

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Mango yogurt pudding is simple and easy to make, sweet and sour and tender, and the dryness in the heart will disappear because of the coldness.


Mango Pudding

1. Each material

Mango Pudding recipe

2. Isinglass powder is dissolved in boiling water

Mango Pudding recipe

3. Mango peeled and fleshed

Mango Pudding recipe

4. Take the cooking cup and put the mango flesh

Mango Pudding recipe

5. Pour yogurt

Mango Pudding recipe

6. Pour the isinglass powder into it

Mango Pudding recipe

7. Start the food processor to beat the materials until smooth

Mango Pudding recipe

8. Pour out the mango pudding ingredients and put it in the refrigerator overnight

Mango Pudding recipe

9. Mango pudding is eaten at any time, it’s even better if you add some fresh mango flesh

Mango Pudding recipe


Because the yogurt used contains sugar, and the mango is also very sweet, you don’t even need to put sugar in it.


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