Mango Tart

Mango Tart

by Leo's BLUE

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The whole egg version, without whipped cream, is also super delicious!


Mango Tart

1. Add soft white sugar to the milk and stir until melted

Mango Tart recipe

2. Add egg liquid to milk

Mango Tart recipe

3. Stir well

Mango Tart recipe

4. Sift the egg and milk mixture

Mango Tart recipe

5. Cut the mango flesh into small pieces

Mango Tart recipe

6. Pour the sieved tart liquid into the tart crust

Mango Tart recipe

7. Add mango flesh

Mango Tart recipe

8. Middle level 200 degrees, 25 minutes

Mango Tart recipe

9. Bake it out

Mango Tart recipe


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