Mashed Egg Drop Soup

Mashed Egg Drop Soup

by mimio chen's small private kitchen

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We make a kind of soup that we must eat for confinement in Sichuan, and it is eaten every day during confinement. It can be seen that it is more tonic, the taste is sweet and delicious, the glutinous rice wine fragrance is blended into the soup, and it is more blissful if you take a bowl of warmth. Yes, the ingredients are simple, and the method is simple and quick. If you don’t know what to eat for breakfast, you can try


Mashed Egg Drop Soup

1. Stir-fried until slightly turned into caramel color

Mashed Egg Drop Soup recipe

2. After boiling, enlarge the small glutinous rice balls

Mashed Egg Drop Soup recipe

3. I like to put two or three in one flavor, and about 20 in small rounds, but it depends on your own taste, and you can add more

Mashed Egg Drop Soup recipe

4. You must wait until the big glutinous rice balls are almost floating before you put the egg flowers. If you like to eat poached eggs, you don’t need to mix them up. Just beat two eggs into it. I don’t want to eat too much egg and make egg flowers because I made vegetable quiche. Here It is brown sugar, because it feels that brown sugar is better than white sugar, especially girls can make a little more of this soup in winter

Mashed Egg Drop Soup recipe

5. You can pour out the water and eat it

Mashed Egg Drop Soup recipe


It’s a must for boyfriend to coax girlfriend and aunt. It’s simple and quick. You can eat it in the morning. I like more glutinous rice. It depends on my hobby. If you like it, you don’t like it.


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