Matcha Panda Cookies

Matcha Panda Cookies

by Ma Lin

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This biscuit is really a great way to buy small pot friends, small pot friends are usually killed by the word cute, ha. The only downside is that this type of biscuits is not very crispy, and the biscuits will be harder, otherwise they will break too easily. But take a slice out and eat it, it will definitely attract everyone's attention~


Matcha Panda Cookies

1. Sift the low powder and powdered sugar and mix

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

2. Put the cut butter into

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

3. Knead into breadcrumbs and add egg liquid to form a smooth dough

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

4. Divide the dough into three doughs of 125 g, 82 g, and 32 g

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

5. Add 1 teaspoon of matcha powder to 125 grams of dough, 1 teaspoon of low powder to 82 grams of dough, and 1 teaspoon of cocoa powder to 32 grams of dough, knead evenly

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

6. Divide the cocoa dough into 5 portions: 4 grams of dough for the nose. 4 7 grams of dough for the eyes and ears.

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

7. Take a piece of 26 grams of plain dough and knead it into a long strip about 20 cm in length, and press it flat; roll 4 grams of cocoa dough for nose into a thin strip of the same length and place it on top

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

8. Take another 12 grams of plain dough, knead it into a long strip and press it to cover the dough on the nose and wrap it.

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

9. Knead two 7 grams of cocoa dough for eyes into thin strips, flatten them slightly, and place them on both sides. Knead the remaining plain dough into a long strip and press it flat to completely cover the eye dough and wrap it

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe

10. Knead two 7 grams of cocoa dough with ears into thin strips and slightly flatten them, and place them upright on top of the dough. Use 14 grams of matcha dough to rub and flatten between the ears and fill in; the remaining matcha dough completely wraps the rest Put the combined dough in the refrigerator and freeze for 1 hour; cut into thin slices, 165 degrees, 15 minutes

Matcha Panda Cookies recipe


It is easier to handle in cooler weather. If the dough becomes soft, refrigerate it for a while. Overall, this dough will not be too soft.


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